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The Fin (Legal) Tech Conference 

#FinTech embraces two major themes - characterizing / pricing increasingly exotic forms of risk and removing unnecessary frictions from previously friction laden financial centered processes.  #Fin(Legal)Tech is the application of those ideas and technology to a wide range of law related spheres including litigation, transactional work and compliance.  

The Law Lab at Illinois Tech - Chicago-Kent College of Law presents its first #Fin(Legal)Tech Conference on November 4, 2016. Continuing its legacy as an academic leader in legal technology and innovation, Chicago-Kent will bring together a wide-ranging and diverse group of industry leaders for a truly unique conference experience.

Attendees will be able to see rapid-fire and deeply engaging presentations on the following subjects:

  • Legal Risk, Legal Underwriting & Legal Insurance
  • Blockchain and Computable Contracts
  • MicroLaw / Long Tail Legal Markets
  • New Legal Information Infrastructure
  • Quantitative Legal Prediction & Legal Analytics
  • The Frictionless Delivery of Legal Services
  • Artificial Intelligence and Law

Attendance is FREE but registration is required

IL MCLE Credit:  5.75 hours
PA MCLE Credit: 5.5 hours

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